There was this one little bar that she liked to go to when in the world of the living so maybe that’s where he could treat her. A smile tugged across her features.” Well, if you insist!" The woman grinned and waved him along as she begin walking toward the sake shop she’d frequented all the time.

For a moment the young man almost fell on the ground, but he soon managed to keep up the pace with Rangiku. It was fun to dooze off and do nothing, even if it’s just for one day. “H-eeey, slow down Rangikuuu. I’m the one carrying the heavy stuff in my bag”

Send “Shut up.” for my character’s reaction to yours pushing them against the wall and kissing them.

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12

Y U U K I   A S U N A Episode 12
Y U U K I   A S U N A
Episode 12

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1- I like my hair. I like being blonde, with short lockes that doesn’t curl or anything. I think it’s the only part of my body that I think it’s beautiful. This means a lot to me, considering how the rest of my friends are all brunettes, and they kept bullying me because I was different from them >_<

2-  I am a very patient person. If I ask something from someone and they don’t do it, I can wait it however long they want. I am usually made a fool in my house bcause of my patience, because I end up doing all the boring chores. But I don’t really mind: if it isn’t me, nobody else would do it. People here are a bunch of lazy asses ya know?

3- I rarely get up in a fight over a subject with someone. If I think that I cannot persuade them by stating all the arguments that I know I’ll simply walk away. I feel like it would be a waste of saliva anyway. There are too many self centerpeople on this world (Tumblr isn’t an exception of it).

4- I…. I can’t stand the idea of going to a club and make out with a strange woman just for the fun of it. I know it’s another type of environment, and inside there the girls are usually consensual with this sort of thing but…. eeeeeeeeh I’m too fucking shy to do that. I consider this as part of my chivalry side.

5- Last but not the least: it’s pretty difficult for me to get fat. Must be something with my genes, but I eat a lot and I can’t get fat. It’s almost like a miracle! =D (pls don’t hate me, I also suffer a lot of stomach ache because of that >_<)

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A Vivian drawing of Water’s I colorized! What a dollface.


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"That video was.... very instructive. I should be careful from now on~"



"Good! You’d be a fool to stare directly into the sun! or the moon.


"I take it you have used these sort of technique on your opponents in order to distract them…… Not that I blame them, but again, I’m not the one that fights in the tournaments: I am the one who do the bidding on the winner contestant!"


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